"Inhale Strength and Energy, exhale Stress and Tension" kb  

What is different about Yoga for Wellness?
Our focus is a gentle theraputic approach

Yoga for Fitness & Wellness offers non-purist Hatha (Iyengar) and Anasura/Flow style Yoga classes taught in multi-level format with safe modifications and is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  The Yoga sessions teach traditional yoga principles and techniques to provide a complete workout for the mind and body.  Our Yoga does not adhere to any particular philosophy, religion or type of meditation.  There are no chanting, Sanskrit words, or religious connotations used.  The Yoga workouts combine deep breathing, stretching, core strength & balance, cardiovascular exercise and a meditation/ "cool down" session.

Yoga Benefits
~ Increased overall health, energy and vitality
~ Greater body awareness
~ A stronger and leaner body
~ Better posture
~ Natural weight loss
~ Reduced stress and tension
~ Improved concentration

"Inhale strength, exhale stress"
Discover a workout that can make profound changes in body, mind, and spirit that no other exercise can bring"

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